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Android apps arrive via Amazon’s Appstore

Barry Collins

The ability to run Android apps was one of the headline features when Windows 11 was first announced in summer 2021. A year after Windows 11 was released, they’ve finally arrived in the first major update…….


Android apps arrive by way of Amazon’s Appstore

Barry Collins

The power to run Android apps was Definitely one of many headvertline options when House windows 11 was first introduced in summer time 2021. A yr after House windows 11 was launched, they’ve lastly arrived Inside The primary primary replace to the working system. I’m sorry to say it, Neverthemuch less it wasn’t Properly worth the wait.

Everyfactor Regarding the implementation of Android apps in House windows 11 is awkward. Discovering them, placing in them, The biggest method many apps don’t advertequately Deal with Getting used on a Laptop Pc Rather than a smarttelephone. However maybe In all probcapability the most damning factor of all is that – for now, A minimal of – there’s virtually nofactor worth placing in Inside The primary place.

Ache in Retailer

Android apps are presently being “previewed” in Pretty A pair of geographies Throughout the globe, collectively with the U.S. and the U.K.

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The Android apps are provided by way of the Amazon Appstore, not Google Play, and that has huge implications for The selection of apps out there, which we’ll come to shortly. It has implications for The biggest method these apps are put in and behave, too.

The first time You are trying and put in an …….


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